Staircase Carpet
Dryer Duct Cleaning
3 Rooms & Hallway
Sofa and Loveseat
Save Now ! 30% OFF
Sofa and Loveseat deep cleaning $130.00 Savings of $20.00 (up to 12 Linear feet)
Scotchguard $15.00 per area. Savings of $10.00 Keeps spills from becoming stains. (rooms up to 12'x12')
30% off Dryer duct cleaning. Normally $85.00 $59.00 with coupon. Prevents fires and Reduces drying time
25% off staircase carpet cleaning. Normally $3.50 per tread $2.60 with coupon. (no limit on number of stair treads)
25% OFF
Three rooms and hallway steam cleaned for $125.00 Normally $163.00 (rooms up to 12'x12' hallway up to 12'x5')
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